Hiding the ‘Recent’ node from quicklaunch

Don’t you just hate the “Recent” node in the quicklaunch that keeps coming back when you add new lists? You’ve removed it manually 15 times, but still keeps on coming..

Here’s the solution!

With publishing turned on you have two options:

  • jQuery
  • Audience targeting

With publishing turned off you have one option:

  • jQuery


Add the following snippet using e.g. a custom action:


Audience targeting

If you want to avoid using jQuery/script, you can use audience targeting. This requires publishing as mentioned above.

  1. Create a dummy group. Call it e.g. “Recent Node Dummy Group”
  2. Go to Site Settings => Look and Feel => Navigation
  3. Under Structural Navigation: Editing and Sorting you’ll find Recent under Current Navigation
  4. Select the Recent node and click Edit
  5. Under Audience enter the group you created in step 1 (see illustration below)

Capture 2015-10-04 at 17.01.50

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