Improving your SharePoint mobile experience by hiding frills

The first thing you do when making your SharePoint site mobile ready, is enabling the web feature “Mobile Browser View.”
A typical screen that meets you at this point is this:


It doesn’t make any sense on a mobile! You don’t want to see “Site Assets”, “Reusable Content”, “Form Templates” and so on. First and foremost you want Document Libraries!

The good news is you can hide them – using SharePoint Designer!


  1. Download SharePoint Designer 2013 – if you already have it, open it.
  2. Open the site you want to modify
  3. Go to Lists and Libraries
  4. Click on one of the libraries, f.ex. Style Library if you have it in your view.
  5. Check off Hide from browser
  6. Save (CTRL+S)
  7. Do the same with all the libraries/lists you want to hide
  8. You’re good to go!

I ended up with this


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